Lovely Down 20 Den - Black

Lovely Down 20 Den - Black

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Soak up those sweet and romantic low we are confident that you will associate them with a luxurious and sophisticated garter belt to conquer the heart of your Lover. Discover a black garter decorated with small crystals around the leg sublimated by a crown of hearts red. Feel the emotion that emerges and let yourself go! Down with sensual black and red patterns. Toes reinforced invisible and son of high quality spandex for added durability. Composition: polyamide 82% 14% 4% spandex polypropylene
  • Fiore Size Chart





    Foot measurement

    23/24 cm

    25/26 cm

    27/28 cm

    Leg measurement

    70/72 cm

    74/78 cm

    82/82 cm