Labios Tights 20 Den - Black

Labios Tights 20 Den - Black

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These purposes without panties tights 20 denier reserve surprise your half. A nice pattern of red lips appear when you dénuderez ... Let you cover with kisses tonight! Maximum comfort with a flat seams and toes renforcée.Une optimal resistance provided by high-quality Fiore son used by the low collants.Composition specialist and 85% polyamide 12% elastane 2% 1% polypropylene discover cotonPour other models consult our tights category.
  • Fiore Size Chart





    Foot measurement

    23/24 cm

    25/26 cm

    27/28 cm

    Leg measurement

    70/72 cm

    74/78 cm

    82/82 cm