Hunt Me Tights 30 Den - Black

Hunt Me Tights 30 Den - Black

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I am here and the next moment I left. My perfume plot ever. Looking for my company imprison me look. You think you have spotted me in this urban jungle but it's an illusion. Follow Me Hunt Me ... The hunt is on. Look for wild cats printed on these tights in unique pattern imitating jarretières.Collants to transparent grounds with a comfortable and soundly côtelage. patterned panties. Cotton gusset for sizes 3 and 4. Composition: 90% polyamide 10% elastane
  • Fiore Size Chart





    Foot measurement

    23/24 cm

    25/26 cm

    27/28 cm

    Leg measurement

    70/72 cm

    74/78 cm

    82/82 cm