Can I request a service from a same sex contractor?

Yes. A lot of our Service Providers do provide services for same sex clients; however, we ask that you please confirm this request by contacting us first so we can confirm with the individual contractor. 


Can I have my friends around to enjoy the view during my appointment?

No. The presence of additional guests (other than the occupants of the house) during the service is strictly prohibited. If your cleaner arrives and finds there are additional guests present, she will leave immediately, and payment will be required.

What about group bookings?

We are in the process of expanding our services and at this time, our contractors may agree to service a function by exception only. If you would like to book our services for a private function please contact us with the details and we will see what we can do.

Can I touch my cleaner?

Absolutely not. Touching our cleaners is strictly prohibited. It’s important that you respect our teams and their personal space. Safety is our number one priority, and so, to help ensure our teams safety, they will be required to check in periodically, throughout your appointment. Any failure to comply with our policy will result in immediate banning from The Nude Cleaners services, forfeit of pay, and where required, further legal action.

Does Nude Cleaners Ballarat provide any additional services besides those listed?

No. This is a cleaning service only and should be treated as such. Our cleaners are professional domestic cleaners; they do not provide sexual services. We understand that our services are an exciting novelty and that is why it is important to show your cleaner the upmost respect to ensure their comfort and your enjoyment. In the event you touch your cleaner without their consent, they will leave, and your full fee will be forfeit. Any failure to comply with our policy will result in immediate banning from The Nude Cleaners services, forfeit of pay, and where required, further legal action.


Can I take photos or videos of my cleaner?

No – You cannot record videos or audio, or take photos of our cleaners. Confidentiality is important to us for our cleaners as well as our clients, and this is strictly against our confidentiality policy. As with our ‘look but don’t touch’ policy, our staff are required to check in periodically throughout the appointment to ensure their safety and comfort. Any failure to comply with our photography/videography policy will result in immediate banning from The Nude Cleaners services, forfeit of pay, and where required, further legal action.


What are The Naked Cleaning Company’s business hours?

Our standard business hours are 9am – 8pm. However, each of our providers will allocate their individual availability in the booking system.


What are your prices?

Our prices are competitive. For the Nude Cleaners standard rates, check out our services page HERE.


Where do you provide service?

The Nude Cleaners is currently offering sexy, professional cleaning services across regional Victoria and Melbourne.


Can I change my booking time?

Appointment amendments can be made providing we are given at least 24 hours’ notice.


What if my cleaner cancels?

In the unlikely event that your cleaner will have to cancel on your appointment, we’ll be in contact with you to ensure your booking is rescheduled in a way that best suits you. You may also instead elect for a full refund.


What is the minimum notice needed for a booking?

Ideally, we need 48 hours’ notice in order to arrange a cleaning service; however, contact us HERE and we will try to arrange a booking sooner.


Can I extend my booking after it has already started?

Yes. If during your appointment, you want to extend your original Service, you can request through your contractor for Nude Cleaners Ballarat to invoice you at one of the following incremental rates:

-1 hour

-30 minutes

-15 minutes.


What happens if I don’t like my cleaner?

All of our contractors are friendly, non-judgmental, professionals. In the unlikely case that you do meet problems with your cleaner, you can simply contact us HERE and we will rectify the issue.


What happens if I need to cancel my booking?

24 hours’ notice is required for any cancellation.


Can I book more than one cleaner at a time?

Yes! Yes! If you would like to book two or more cleaners concurrently, please contact us HERE so that we can personalize your booking.


Do I have to supply my own cleaning materials?

Yes. If you would like product and equipment supplied by the cleaner, there is a small additional cost:


  • Cleaning products $20.00

  • Cleaning equipment $20.00


I want to join the team! How do I go about becoming a naked cleaner?

To join our team, you can contact with us HERE and we’ll be in touch to organize an interview!


Can I contact your cleaner in private?

It’s against our policy to share the personal details of our cleaners. All cleaners are hired through us on our online platform and it is against our policy for them to be hired directly by clients for safety reasons. If such arrangements are being made without our knowledge, then we cannot guarantee the quality of the services the cleaner would be providing, the confidentiality of the service, and the safety of both our cleaners and clients. In the case that a cleaner is hired outside of Nude Cleaners, we will not take any liability or responsibility for leaked information, quality of the service, or your security.

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